We specialize in Transforming Organizations through Innovation.

Our customers include organizations like Repsol, Iberia, Axel Springer, Kellogg’s, Warner, Indra, Santander, Iberdrola, Caser, Nivea BDF, Bovis and Sage, to name a few.

What we find when visiting potential customers is that many organizations are having big problems to produce the results they want and have little awareness about the poor UX they deliver to their market.

We believe these problems are due to these mains reasons:

Operating in a paradigm which is ending

Low consciousness of the influence of their self-leadership styles and very low management team cohesion

Lack of a shared and compelling user centered strategy

What we offer to our customers, organizations including SME, multinational branches and business units of big corporations, is a 5 step methodology.

These steps are:

  • Increase their sense of urgency
  • Transform the self-leadership style of the leaders
  • Increase their management team cohesion
  • Help them design a user centered strategy
  • Help them define and execute innovation projects

One of the collateral consequences is the development of new behaviours and the creation of a culture of innovation.

Our mission is to help create a “win/win/win” paradigm.

This translates as helping business leaders discover their entrepreneurial spirit so they can create for their organizations a new paradigm, and a culture on innovation with a minimum yearly return of 10 times what they invest in us.

The difficulties we are finding to fulfil our mission arise when we face executives who don’t believe they need to change in order to produce better results and don’t believe either in their people’s potential.

What we do to overcome these difficulties is targeting only pioneer leaders who dare to believe in themselves, their people and who are aware they need to change, and innovate, to produce better results.

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