Do managers know that there is a test on innovation?

Do managers know that there is a test on innovation?

This morning there was feature in Expansió by Montse Mateos titled «Managers fail at innovation.» In the wake of this article that pretty much sums up what happens in Spain, although perhaps being a bit lenient, I discussed my views on the matter, limited to 1000 characters. I attached my comment below, and for a change in style the post will be left reduced to this minimum. And yet I wanted you to know that the title of this post came straight from my soul when I began to reflect on it. Here’s my comment on this article:

«It is obvious that in Spain there is a serious problem with innovation.

Many managers say they love her, but there are few who are willing to let it «affect» them.

The result is that users are putting companies in their place; if the UX is not satisfying, they vote with their feet and seek alternatives.

As the article says, you need to create an innovation culture in which fear is not present, and where the staff is involved in innovation projects to help achieve their innovation goals. For many companies this sounds like music to their ears, for there are few who already have a real strategy on innovation. As long as they don’t develop it, nothing will change, the results will not come, talent will wither, and managers will keep wondering what’s going on.

«Am I perhaps the one who needs to change?»

Well, yes, Mr. Manager. Behaviour change is complex but if you don’t self-innovate, it will be very difficult for you to innovate. »

And nothing else. To tell you the truth, I find it weird to write so little.

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