Are we conquering the world? Before we should understand what innovation is about

Are we conquering the world? Before we should understand what innovation is about

This week it seems that I’m particularly inspired. It may be because I am about to finish the 2nd revision of the book and I’ll be finally able to send it to reviewers.

I read an article this morning on la Vanguardia that said ‘Spain Gourmet’ is banking on innovation to conquer the Japanese market. And after reading it, I noticed that while I was pleased with it, creativity and innovation were mixed as if they were alternative definitions.

So I sent them my comments, and here they are included. Let’s see if, generating more conversations on the web, we can get innovation to really be put into practice, and not just be a nice term that everyone continues mentioning without really understanding what it means. Ouch!

«It is important for the sake of effectively promote innovation, not to have it confused in communication with creativity.

In the sentence «In this edition of the show creativity prevailed» both concepts are mixed as interchangeable and it is not so.

Creativity is about generating new ideas that add value to the users of the different businesses that elected to exhibit.

Innovation entails so much more instead. It starts with an initial study of trends, reflecting on who is actually the target, what are his needs, which ones are unmet and the satisfaction of which of them is really an opportunity for the company to take advantage.

Then creativity is used to generate an appropriate proposal.

Innovation then proceeds with the implementation, overcoming internal difficulties, especially in conservative businesses, usually family ones, in which tradition has prevailed and not the change that involves starting to innovate.

This being said, congratulations to these companies’ leaders, and those responsible for innovation, for venturing out of their comfort zone. Today history is written… by innovators.»

And nothing else. I’m not sure why, but these days I’d rather write short posts than tweet. Might be the English weather.


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